Cardano has introduced a new version of its wallet
In order to become the world's strongest financial system, the Cardano Platform's (DLT) technical development team has released a new version of its hardware wallet called Deadalus Wallet 1.0.0.

🔘 According to Cardano's CEO, this version is faster and more secure and allows users to easily work with it with very little technical knowledge.
IT BITMEX Exchange launches a new feature for Atrium-based transactions.
According to the new announcement, users can trade ETH / USD 50 times with Leverage, but with the difference that they do not need to keep Atrium. According to this feature, users will make their Atrium transactions based on Bitcoin and will receive and pay their profits and losses at the Bitcoin rate.

🔘 This feature will be available under the ETHUSDM20 contract from May 5 and will continue until June, and users can continue their short-term and long-term transactions according to this new feature.

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